Should we buy a crossover?

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Choosing a crossover, usually pay attention, that the car will ride virtually on any road. Also, it is important that crossovers have four-wheel drive.


However, in reality everything is not so perfect. Take, for example, Skoda Yeti crossover. Yes, the car has four-wheel drive – 4WD. But this car is implemented by technology of free unlockable differential between the axles. As a result, if you get into a large hole and the car will be on the protection of housing, the reverse will not work. We’ll have to call a tow truck.

If you really want to buy a crossover for the city and country travel, you should pay attention to the overhangs. Front and rear, they are not to be short. In addition, it is better to have a permanent four-wheel drive, or at least the ability to lock the center differential. Multi-disc clutch may overheat and shut down. Simulate transverse differential lock should not be in the car.

As a result, crossover is reliable car, however, it is impossible to abuse it for off-road travel. Crossover can’t withstand the harsh operating conditions.